6 Ways For Foreign Investors Can Apply for United States Green Card

What is a Green Card?

Green card is a permanent resident card that provide investors to permanently live & work in the United States. The commonly cited immigration law gives all American citizens rights and protections to a green card holder.

If you want to be a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen, you need to contact the financial Investors to understand the different ways of getting United States citizenship.

Types of Green Cards

Green card categories vary widely. Generally speaking, they are: Those are described more fully below.

Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (Green Card Lottery)

A program called DV provides 55,000 immigrant visas every year. In order to obtain Green Cards, foreigners can apply in a random drawing to get their citizenship. Visit the Diversity Visa Program page for detailed information.

Family-Based Green Card

Family members who are U.S. citizens or have green cards may obtain one. Eligible family member is a spouse, child a parent, and a spouse or child of a married partner if they have a spouse. In these categories, there are also married American citizens who had a married spouse during the period of citizenship.

Those seeking family based green cards must prove their marriage was valid for green cards and have proof they’ll get one from their spouse. Many of the extended relatives — cousin, aunt, uncle and grandmother — are not eligible.

Employment-Based Green Card

In the employment green card categories, multiple subclasses of people can apply and receive permanent resident cards. Some spouses are eligible.

Longtime-Resident Green Card

Persons living in the United States — either illegally (meaning that you are undocumented ) — a year after January 1, 1972. For a green card through the registry, individuals have to meet all a few criteria.

Do Green Card Holders Have to Immigrate?

The green cards allows individuals to permanently relocate the center of their lives into the United States. However, when America’s dream becomes reality, many things can be achieved. The US government understands this and gives Green card holders enough time to move to America a little at a time. In the initial years, a commute between the United States and its native countries is usually no problem.

Nonetheless you can be legally unable or unwilling to remain outside the U.S. for more than 12 months (or 24 months on the application) – unless you are eligible for an additional green card.

What are the 6 Ways to Get a Green Card?

You may apply for a green card to acquire permanent resident status through any number of ways:

1.Sponsorship by a family member or U.S. employer

Becoming a green card holder through a relative’s sponsorship can become an attainable goal for E-2 visa holders with some careful planning. If no family member currently holds one, there are still many options available – such as having your child acquire an advanced degree and then can get a sponsorship by a U.S. employer.

Also, green card applicants can marry a U.S. citizen to get a permanent resident card.

2.Green Card through Investments

An EB-5 direct investment program offers an opportunity for the savvy investor to gain permanent residence in the U.S.: invest a minimum of $1,050,000 into a business venture and hire ten employees over five to seven years – easy as that! Through this lucrative arrangement you can lay down roots while gaining financial security through your commercial enterprise.

With an I-526 immigrant visa petition, nonimmigrants may now stay in the US for a temporary period until becoming legal permanent residents. H1B visa holders and E-2 investors can especially maximize their time in America through this process of getting green cards!

3.Investment in Regional Center Project

Rather than investing in your own business, you can invest $800,000 into an EB 5 regional center project. It’s a safe way to potentially earn big returns on investment of just over one million dollars!

For those looking to obtain a green card, investing in infrastructure, rural or high-unemployment project could be the key they need. By putting their money into infrastructure improvements, applicants can have access to priority processing and bring them one step closer towards becoming U.S citizens!

4.EB-2 National Interest Waiver Program

Do you have the qualifications to become an EB-2 green card holder? If so, apply for your chance at a better future today! To be eligible, one must possess fluency in English as well as a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience in their field.

Additionally, applicants need to showcase how they can contribute exceptional ability towards United States’ interests through their project with USCIS approval. Now is the time: seize this opportunity and move closer to achieving those dreams!

5.The Green Card lottery

The Green Card lottery for EB 5 visa program offers a unique opportunity to immigrants who possess the right qualifications. This program allows them to become lawful permanent residents without offering an employer a job, sponsorship or family member in the United States. Qualified individuals can apply for a number of investor visas and therefore drastically speeds up the immigration process.

Additionally, as long as all financial requirements are met, applicants can gain permanent residence at any time reliable on the available space. The EB 5 program stands as an excellent option for those looking to live and work in the U.S. legally with no other strings attached.

6.Inter-Corporate Transferee

Foreign investors with at least one year of foreign employment in the past three years and current U.S. employer may have an opportunity to establish lawful permanent residence via an EB-1C green card application!

Applying from Within the United States

The time to adjust the status is currently between 12–27 months for spouses or immediate family members (parent/child or minor children). If the wife of a US citizen, a foreign national, or a worker is a green card holder, the wait can often extend for at least two years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does green card mean in USA?

A green card is an official designation for residing permanently in the US. The procedure for applying for green cards varies by circumstance.

How hard is it to get a green card?

There’s no easy process for getting the green card. It’s quite difficult to get green cards. Doing something wrong will waste many thousands of dollars. The law could even prevent your entry into the United States.

How long does a green card last for?

A USCIS Form 531 Permanent Residence Card. Although some permanent residence-related cards, also called green cards, have no expiry dates, the rest are valid for 10 years. Unless granted conditional permanent residence, your ID can last 2 years.

Even if your Green Card has already expired, there’s no need to worry! If you have a valid Form I-797 Notice of Action showing that you filed either the necessary Forms I-751 or I-829 to remove conditions on your Permanent Resident status, then the expiration date will be extended for whatever period is specified in said form.

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